60102: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: setting up e-mail notifications on management server fails with "Access to the configuration is denied"

Last update: 08-08-2017


You are trying to set up e-mail notifications for your backup on Acronis Management Server:

When you click OK, you see this error:

Failed to save the configuration.
Code: 11,927,557(0x00B60005)
LineInfo: 0x9BA272E7279B4CE0;
Module: management_server_vs_50214
Message: Failed to set the configurations.
Code: 11,927,557(0x00B60005)
LineInfo: 0x9BA272E7279B4C81;
Module: management_server_vs_50214
Message: Access to the configuration is denied.


This is expected behavior. The user must have local administrative permissions to set up e-mail notifications. Please contact Acronis Disaster Recovery support.