59991: [Fixed] Acronis Backup Cloud: cannot resume validation after network disruption

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  1. You are backing up data to a network share, and Validation is enabled in the backup plan.
  2. A recovery point is created, however, during the validation operation the target network share became temporary unavailable.
  3. The process hangs at 89% and you see an "Interaction required" message in the Status column:
  4. When you click the activity to see details, it says:
    Network location is unavilable at the moment.
  5. When you click Retry, it gives you an error message:
    Cannot resume a command because it is not paused.
    Error code: 4
    Module: 249
    LineInfo: 0xD9612B4AAEBB8E3F
    Fields: {"$module":"zmq_infra_vsa64_3917"}
    Message: ASYNC: Unidentified job.
    Error code: 10
    Module: 183
    LineInfo: 0xE644DBDF87C8C8E2
    Fields: {"$module":"mms_vsa64_3917"}
    Message: Cannot resume a command because it is not paused.


This is a known issue with backup to a network share with enabled validation.


The issue has been fixed in version 7.7. Please update to the latest build.

As workaround:

  1. Make sure the network share is availabe.
  2. Open the activity and navigate to the sub-activity that requires interaction.
  3. Press retry in that activity:

Validation should continue.


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