59975: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: how to move an account to another group

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Last update: 06-09-2022


In an Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud group, you have an account. You want to move this account along with managed machines to another group within the same Partner group (for example, to another Unit or Customer group).


Currently, this option is not available in the UI. Acronis development team is planning to introduce this feature in future releases.

Meanwhile, move the machines manually:

  1. Create a new account in the group where you want to move the machines to. If you need help with creating a customer account, see this topic for detailed instructions.
  2. Make sure that quotas allocated for this group/account suffice for the planned amount of machines and archives. If you need help checking of modifying quotas, see this article.
  3. In Cyber Protection console, delete all old Agents for VMware from the list of agents (Settings -> Agents) of the old account.
  4. Re-register machines to this new group as described in this article. When registering machines, provide credentials for this new account.
  5. After moving machines to the new account, recreate backup plans. New archives and full backups will be created upon first backup plan run.

What happens to the backups created by the old account?

Old local archives remain available for restore (with the new account).

To preserve old backups in Acronis Cloud, you need to keep the old account. Please note that the storage space (and thus quota) remains allocated by these backups.

If you do not longer need those backups, you can delete the old account (see this article for help). Archives in Acronis Cloud associated with this account will be removed upon account deletion.