59947: Acronis True Image Linux-based bootable media boots into black screen after selecting any option in the option menu

Last update: 31-05-2021


  1. You boot your PC with bootable media.

  2. You get the screen proposing to choose an option to boot (Acronis True Image, System report, Windows).

  3. You choose any option from the menu.

  4. The software shows “Loading, please wait” and after it the boot hangs on black screen.


  • Issue with hardware
  • Drivers for the video card are missing
  • Wrong video mode is selected


  1. Recreate media on another USB flash drive/CD.
  2. Create a WinPE-based media with custom video drivers. Check this guide on how you can create a custom WinPE with drivers.
  3. Check this article to get information on how to try different video modes.

Collect information

Please collect the following information in order to investigate the issue:

  1. Video of booting without the quiet parameter.

  2. Video of booting with the acpi=off noapic parameter.
  3. Video of booting with the load_vgafb parameter.
  4. Video of booting with the video=vesa:off vga=normal parameter.
  5. Video of booting with the debug ignore_loglevel print_fatal_signals=1 LOGLEVEL=8 earlyprintk=vga,keep parameter (for an UEFI system use the following parameter: debug ignore_loglevel print_fatal_signals=1 LOGLEVEL=8 earlyprintk=efi,keep).
  6. Acronis system report from bootable media, see this article.

Once all the logs are collected, contact Acronis Support department