59925: Acronis Snap Deploy: fix for the automatic update feature

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Last update: 23-10-2018

Applies to:

Acronis Snap Deploy 5 build 1749 or earlier.


If you are downloading the latest update using a public Internet connection, such as in airports or Internet cafés, potential cybercriminals could intercept the connection to Acronis servers and compromize the automatic update feature.

The issue has been reported and documented in the CERT.ORG database: http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/489392. Register No: VU#489392.

Downloading and installing updates from Acronis account page https://account.acronis.com/ is not affected by the issue.


Install Acronis Snap Deploy 5 build 1780.

Install the update using either of these methods:

1) use the automatic update feature at home or at work, but not on a public Internet connection


2) download and install the latest update from your Acronis account https://account.acronis.com/. This can be done from anywhere, including public Internet spots. Click here for more information.

After you have installed the new build, the automatic update feature is completely protected from potential cyberthreats in public Internet spots.

Note for Windows XP users: if Windows updates are not installing automatically on your computer, please install the following updates from the Windows Update website: