59913: Acronis Access: Desktop client usage with a proxy

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This article will help you configure your Acronis Access Advanced desktop client to work through a proxy server.


If your deployment requires that the Access Advanced Desktop clients pass through a proxy, the instructions below will help you configure it.


When the client starts, it will check if there is a file named proxy.ini in its installation folder (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\Access\Access Client). If the file is detected, the client will use the proxy server settings from it. The file is a standard INI file formatted as follows:


address = <proxy_server_address>

port = <proxy_server_port>

user = <username>

password = <password>

Note: The section name "[PROXY_SERVER]" is case-sensitive but the value names are not.

Note: 'user' and 'password' values are optional and not required for anonymous proxies.

More information

If the file is parsed successfully, the client will write proxy information into its debug log.


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