59855: Acronis Backup 12.5: Acronis Management Server service stops with "Socket bind error"

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  1. You have installed Acronis Backup 12.5 Management Sever on a machine with VMware vCenter server.
  2. Acronis Management Server stops immediately after start.
  3. In Windows event logs, you see this error:
    Error 0x294000d: Socket bind error
    | trace level: error
    | line: 0x18073c0bca1ee95e
    | file: k:\238\http\server\server_impl.cpp:806
    | function: Http::Server::InstanceImpl::Run
    | Address:
    | Port: 8089
    | $module: http_vsa64_238


Port 8089 is already in use by vCenter server.


The issue has been fixed in Update 1 of Acronis Backup 12.5, port 8089 has been changed to 30500. Please update the software to the latest build.

As workaround without updating the product, change port 8089 to another one in Acronis Management Server configuration files.

  1. Stop Acronis Management Server service (Start -> in search, type services.msc and press Enter -> find Acronis Management Server service and click Stop service).
  2. In C:\Program Files\Acronis\AMS\ open net.config
  3. Find port 8089 and change this port to another one.
  4. Save changes.
  5. Start Acronis Management Server service.
  6. In C:\Program Files\Acronis\WebServer\wcs\web\ open group_manager.py
  7. Find all strings mentioning port 8089 and change it to another one.
  8. Save changes.
  9. In C:\Program Files\Acronis\WebServer\wcs\web\ open temp_ams_proxy.py
  10. Find all strings mentioning port 8089 and change it to another one.
  11. Save changes.