59852: Acronis True Image: Web Restore page is empty or error "The server is not available at the moment" occurs

Last update: 31-05-2021


You observe one of these symptoms:

1. The occupied space on the Account tab of Acronis True Image shows the amount of data stored in Acronis cloud, but when you open Online Dashboard and want to download files from Acronis cloud, the Web Recovery page does not show any backups.

2. You are trying to recover the data from the Web Recovery page but when you click on your backup or click 'download' on the file, you get an error message stating "The server is not available at the moment. Please try again later".

Possible causes

  • temporary server unavailability caused by maintenance or high load
  • download issue


In case the server is unavailable or undergoes maintenance, please try to repeat the recovery operation in several hours. You can also recover files from within the Acronis True Image application on your PC.

If both solutions fail, please proceed to the Collect information step.


Collect information:


  1. Screenshot of the error message.
  2. System report using the sysinfo utility.
  3. Copy of the Online Backup folder.
    %allusersprofile%\Acronis\SyncAgent\OnlineBackup (in case of Sync issues)
    /Library/Application Support/Acronis/TrueImageHome/OnlineBackup

With this information collected, please, contact Acronis Support.