59725: Acronis Backup 12.5: how to continue backing up to an existing archive with a new backup plan

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Let's assume a backup plan is applied to a single machine, and you have to remove this machine from the backup console or to uninstall the agent along with its configuration settings. After the machine is re-added or the agent is reinstalled, you can force the backup plan to continue backing up to the same backup or backup sequence.


1. Create a new backup plan.

2. In Where to back up, specify the folder where the existing archive is located.

3. Click the gear button to open backup options:

4. In Backup options, navigate to Backup file name:

5. Click Select and select the required backup.
The Select button shows the backups in the location selected in the Where to back up section of the backup plan panel. It cannot browse anything outside this location.

6. Click Done. Again, click Done to save backup options, and then save the backup plan.

Now backups continue to the selected archive.

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