59720: Acronis Storage and Acronis Storage Gateway 1.x: Acronis Storage 2.x/Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.x migration compatibility

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The following table shows if it is possible to perform straightforward migration from a given Acronis Storage or Acronis Gateway 1.x configuration to Acronis Storage 2.x one

From\To Acronis Storage 2.x local cluster Acronis Backup Gateway 2.x + NFS backend Acronis Backup Gateway 2.x + Object Storage backend Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 3.x (Acronis-hosted storage)
Acronis Storage 1.5 local cluster Yes Yes Yes No*
Acronis Storage Gateway 1.7 + local FS backend Yes Yes Yes No*
Acronis Storage Gateway 1.7 + NFS backend Yes Yes Yes No*
Acronis Storage Gateway 1.7 + Object Storage backend No** No**



* Migration to Acronis-hosted data center is possible but needs to be managed by our Professional Services team. Please contact your account manager to learn how to proceed.

** Direct migration from Object Storage backend is not supported. See https://kb.acronis.com/content/60827 for details. Please contact your account manager if it is critical to manually migrate specific servers or accounts.


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