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Operating Systems: 

Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 2.5

Release notes

Acronis Storage 2 changelog

Version Release date ISO name Changelog Release notes link
Storage 2.4 Update 1.2 Aug 24, 2018     Release notes
Storage 2.4 Update 1.1 Aug 06, 2018     Release notes
Storage 2.4 Update 1 Aug 03, 2018     Release notes
Storage 2.4 Apr 19, 2018     Release notes
Storage 2.3 Update 1 Dec 13, 2017     Release notes
Storage 2.3 7 Nov 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.2-74.iso


Release notes
Storage 2.2 Update 2 29 August 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.2-91.iso

 •     new heuristics for chunk allocation to mitigate performance decrease when new CS is added (VSTOR-3354)
 •     fused: disable attribute caching on directories (VSTOR-4105)
 •     fix counters for unique and offline chunks in RAID6 case
 •     avoid balancing of last chunk in RAID6 stream
 •     fixes to preserve failure-domain in RAID6 case
 •     multiple Management node HA stability fixes

Storage 2.2 Update 1 13 July 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.2-85.iso  •     Core:

- empty CS affects performance of the whole cluster (VSTOR-3354)
- fixed BUG at fuse_pipe.c:252/fuse_pipe_write_splice_mt() (VSTOR-3667)
- [raid6][encryption] at_io_iops died because of 'Integrity error' (VSTOR-3730)
- pcs_mds_encode_map_req fails with "map error:9" on US3 (VSTOR-2956)

 •    iSCSI:

- iSCSI fsync support
- iSCSI CAW support

 •     S3/Ostor:

- fixed sporadic crashes of replicator on RPC connection abort (VSTOR-3620)
- fixed OS autosplit isn't triggered (VSTOR-3714)
- fixed BUG at os_stat.c:28/os_stat_update() during OS split (VSTOR-3678)
- exit ostor replicator immediately after signal - fixes issue with S3 cluster accidentally created with some FAILED/INACTIVE services
- fixed old s3 users continue to replicate after turn off geo-replication (VSTOR-3647)

 •     Web UI:

- fixed postgresql data directory is too large due to WAL archiving (VSTOR-3673)
- speedup returning list of nodes from backend (VSTOR-3726)
- remove unused counters from cs_stats table (VSTOR-3675)
- offline /inactive / unavailable CS removal can be done only with force (VSTOR-3704)

Storage 2.2 20 Jun 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.2-74.iso


Release notes
Storage 2.1 Update 1 hotfix 1 4 May 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.1-103.iso  •    fix tgtd crash in iscsi_free_task
 •    fixed iSCSI LUN / S3 created with 3 replicas has incorrect redundancy replicas=3:1
 •    fixed [raid6] several CSes became failed while running replication test for CS with journals
Storage 2.1 Update 1 6 Apr 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.1-100.iso  - Release notes
Storage 2.1 (v2) 16 Mar 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.1-72.iso  •    added missing patches from master that open port 443 for S3 public when generating firewall zone configuration  -
Storage 2.1 (v1) 13 Mar 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.1-70.iso  - Release notes

Storage 2.0 GA hotfix5 (v2)

13 Feb 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-157.iso  •    fixed repo link in newly added repo file from http://storage-repo.corp.acronis.com to http://storage-repo.acronis.com (first link can be resolved only from internal Acronis network), customers who updated after 6th February were affected
 •    fixed object date format in S3 browsing application
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix5 (v1) 6 Feb 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-155.iso  •    multiple ABGW-related improvements
 •    report allocated file size in stat 
 •    shows «unknown» instead of «no space» until it gets info about CSes
 •    delay vstorage top update until previous is finished 
 •    fixed disabled access for deleted S3 users and remove them from ostor-users endpoint response
 •    fix S3 cluster configuration with one replica redundancy doesn’t work 
 •    added check for MDS address 
 •    don’t show 0-size devices in Web Control panel.(fake RAID1)
 •    fix notary configuration with https notary provider address
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix4 (v2) 18 Jan 2017 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-154.iso  •    fixed abgw update from hotfix3 to hotfix4
 •    fixed cluster/nodes statistics truncating (fixes too large backend database size)
Release notes
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix4 (v1) 14 Jan 2017  vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-150.iso  •    added failure-domain=disk redundancy to Web CP
 •    private network configuration for ABGW
 •    reworked case with several interfaces with ABGW / S3 public role on the node
 •    fixed «need more than 2 values to unpack» on attempt to update via Web CP
Release notes
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix3 (v2) 21 Dec 2016  vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-136.iso  •    encoding=1+0 implementation fixes
 •    management role can be moved to another network interface
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix3 (v1) 15 Dec 2016  vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-131.iso  •    incorrect CS cache options after CS release in Web CP (N3T)
 •    CS removal after disk is unplugged (N3T)
 •    SMART reported incorrectly in Web CP for Hitachi HDDs
 •    layer=3+4 for bonding XOR mode - both for installer and web ui bonding configuration
 •    no stats in overview screen due to time skew
 •    bonding configuration improvements
 •    fixed mds on system disk creation on uefi installation
 •    storage core bugfixes
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix2 (v3) 26 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-109.iso  •    fixed disk smart checking
 •    fixed error with 2 small Cache disks
 •    moved to new celery, that should possibly fix issue when celery stops to collect statistics
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix2 (v2) 24 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-105.iso  •    /etc/fstab cleanup on node release (discovered at N3T)
 •    software raid recognition fixes (discovered at Exabytes)
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix2 (v1) 22 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-102.iso  •    fixed licensing (implemented correct space accounting for RAID6 + fixed licensed space check for Acronis build)
 •    cluster statistics reporting service
 •    ssh keys in Web CP
 •    Cache on hdd disks in Web CP
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix1 (v3) 12 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-90.iso  •    fixed problem in agent code that may lead to disks with storage services not get mounted after node reboot  -
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix1 (v2) 10 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-89.iso  •    fixed problem with 2 GB chunk size and bug VSTOR-1841  -
Storage 2.0 GA hotfix1 (v1) 3 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-88.iso  •    1+0 encoding and its configuration in Web CP
 •    disk blink in Web CP
 •    pxe installation
 •    tgtd logging and IO statistics collection
Storage 2.0 GA (marketing release with Notary) 22 Oct 2016  vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-71.iso  •    fixed IO stop after 10 TB uploaded in storage (removed FS_TOTAL_SIZE_LIMIT in case of Acronis licensing)  -
Storage 2.0 GA (marketing release with Notary) 22 Oct 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-69.iso  •    Acronis Notary Integration
 •    S3 browser application
 •    fix for firewall behavior when there is an interface with long names on the node
Storage 2.0 RTM 8 Oct 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-47.iso  •    control disk mounts via /etc/vstorage/fstab (fixed issue when local-fs.service becomes offline while cluster creation  -
Storage 2.0 RTM 27 Sep 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-43.iso   -  -


Acronis Storage 2 for Virtuozzo

Version Release date ISO name Changelog Release notes link
Storage 2.0 VZ GA 28 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-19.iso  •    s3 browsing application rebranding
 •    fixes in About screen (support link and copyright)
Storage 2.0 VZ GA 22 Nov 2016 vzlinux-iso-storage-2.0-16.iso  -   -


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