59557: Acronis True Image: recovery methods

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There are two recovery methods in Acronis True Image. Both methods are available in the Windows version as well as in the Mac version of Acronis True Image.

Full recovery

Full recovery can be performed to the original location or to a new one. When the original location is selected, the data in the location is completely overwritten with the data from the backup. In case of a new location, the data is just copied to the new location from the backup.

Incremental recovery

Significantly reduces the recovery time and saves Internet traffic while recovering from Acronis Cloud.

Incremental recovery is performed only to the original location and only from a cloud backup. Before the recovery starts, the files in the original location are compared with the files in the backup by file attributes, such as file size and date of last modification. Those files that do not match are marked for recovery, the remaining files will be skipped during recovery. In that way, as opposed to the full recovery, Acronis True Image recovers only changed files.


To recover a backup, follow these step-by-step guides:

  • when you can start Windows and Acronis True Image, please refer to this guide
  • when Windows cannot start, please refer to this guide
  • when you need to recover a Mac, please refer to this guide