59507: Acronis Cyber Cloud for WHMCS: How to link an existing customer tenant to a client in WHMCS

Last update: 12-03-2021

Follow the step below if you need to link an existing Acronis Cyber Cloud tenant to a client in your WHMCS system.

1. Disable automatic provisioning for Acronis Cyber Cloud service. In WHMCS, go to Setup > Product/Services.

2. Open the Acronis product and switch to the Module Settings tab.

3. Make sure that the Do not automatically setup this product option is selected.

4. Create a new order for this Acronis product.

5. Accept the order and make sure the Run Module Create check-box is cleared.

6. Open the Client profile for whom this order was created and switch to Product/Services.

7. Select the Acronis product.

8. In the product profile, find the following fields and specify the IDs of the existing Acronis Cyber Cloud tenant:

  • In Acronis Cyber Cloud module for WHMCS v1.0: AdminID and GroupID fields
  • In Acronis Cyber Cloud module for WHMCS v2.0: Tenant ID and User ID fields

If you don’t know the required IDs for the customer tenant, you can obtain them directly from the Management console of the Acronis Cyber Cloud.

    -  To get GroupID: open the tenant in the Management console and check a URL in the browser, for example


    -  To get AdminID: run the following request for the indicated GroupID



Use user_id for AdminID.

    -  To get Tenant ID: in the Management portal, click Show ID for the required customer and check the Internal ID field

    -  To get User ID: in the Management portal, click on the user account and check the focused_user_uuid value in the URL

9. When done, click Save Changes in the client product.

After that the client in WHMCS system will be connected with the tenant in Acronis Cyber Cloud.