Troubleshooting Toolkit for Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7

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When investigating an issue, you might need to collect diagnostic information that gives you and the support representative working on your case insights into the root cause of the problem.

Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7 has a built-in System Report Tool. Using this tool straight from the product interface, you can collect diagnostic information from an agent machine and Acronis Management Server (logs, registry hive, etc.). The report contains the basic data of an agent's health state and is the ultimate way to start investigation. You can also download the stand-alone system report utility, in case you need to collect information on a machine where Acronis agent is not installed or not accessible.

For troubleshooting specific issues, the following tools might be helpful:

  • Process Monitor
    The tool shows real-time file system, registry and process activity. This is especially useful, when you need to track a particular application or process accessing a file or a registry key, for example, while troubleshooting an installation or an "access denied" error.
  • Connection verification tool
    The tools checks whether all required ports are open and respective components of Acronis cloud infrastructure can be reached through these ports.
  • WireShark or tcpdump
    Network tracing logs are useful to troubleshoot issues related to network connectivity, for example, when backup to a network share is failing.
  • Procdump
    A dump is required when investigating application crashes or lockups.
  • VSS Log Files and DiskShadow
    You may be asked to collect VSS logs when troubleshooting issues with VSS snapshots. Using DiskShadow you can check the functionality of the VSS service components and the application VSS writers independently from Acronis Software.

To allow a support representative connect to your machine, use Acronis Remote Assistance.