59440: Acronis True Image: 'Snapshot for backup' option overview

Last update: 11-04-2022

Starting with build 6106 (Acronis True Image New Generation) and build 8029 (Acronis True Image Standard), Acronis implemented an additional setting for adjusting snapshot type.

During a disk or partition backup process, which often takes a long time, some of the backed up files may be in use, locked, or being modified one way or another. For example, you may work on a document and save it from time to time. If Acronis True Image backed up files one by one, your open file would likely be changed since the backup start, and then saved in the backup to a different point in time. Therefore, the data in the backup would be inconsistent. To eliminate it, Acronis True Image creates so called snapshot that fixes the data to back up to a particular point in time. This is done before the backup starts, and guarantees that the data is in consistent state.

This option is for advanced users only. Do not change the default setting if you are not sure which option to choose.

The option is available in Options -> Advanced -> Performance:

Select a backup snapshot type from the list:

  • No snapshot
    A snapshot will not be created. The files will be backed up one by one as an ordinary copy operation.
  • VSS
    This is the only recommended option for backing up your system. Your computer may not start after recovery from a backup created with a different snapshot type.
    This option is default for disk-level and the Entire PC backups and guarantees the data consistency in the backup.
  • Acronis snapshot
    A snapshot will be created with the Acronis driver used in previous versions of Acronis True Image.
    (!) Do NOT use the option "Acronis snapshot" for "Entire PC" backups and for Windows system disk backups. Otherwise the operating system restored from such backups may be unbootable. Use only the "VSS" option for Entire PC backups and backups of Windows system disk.
  • VSS without writers
    This option is default for file-level backups.
    VSS writers are special VSS components for notifying applications that a snapshot is going to be created, so that the applications prepare their data for the snapshot. The writers are needed for applications that perform large number of file operations and require data consistency, for example databases. Because such applications are not installed on home computers, there is no need to use writers. In addition, this reduces the time required for file-level backups.