59411: Acronis True Image 2017: how to sign files electronically with ASign

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Last update: 12-01-2018

The feature is available in Acronis True Image New Generation.

Acronis ASign is an online-service that allows multiple people to sign a file electronically. The service is available to any file saved in a backup in Acronis Cloud. If you need help creating a backup, see these articles:

To sign a document electronically with ASign:

  1. Create a backup to Acronis Cloud. It could be a backup of this file, of the whole partition or the entire machine. Important is that the file you want to sign is in a backup in Acronis Cloud.
  2. Open Online Dashboard.
  3. Log in with your account credentials: the credentials you use to log in to Acronis True Image.
  4. Click Backups:
  5. Find the backup that contains the files you want to sing:
  6. Click the backup to view its content. Browse to the file you want to sign.
  7. Click the gear button, and then click Send for signature:
  8. Provide a signee's email (click the + icon to add more signees) and click Send to sign:
  9. The Acronis ASign service sends an email message to the addresses you entered. The signee receives an email with a unique URL for the page that is collecting signatures.
  10. Once a signee has signed the document, you receive an email notification on the event. Notifications are created for each signee. When all the requested signees have signed your file, you will receive a letter indicating that the process is complete. The Status column displays the current status of each signee's invitation.

More information

For detailed instructions, see this guide.