59337: Acronis Backup (Advanced): how to back up to CD or DVD

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Last update: 12-01-2018

Optical disks (CD or DVD) can be selected as destination for backups of entire machines, individual disks, files or folders. You cannot back up Exchange instances to optical disks.

To set up backup to a CD or DVD, do the following:

  1. Insert the disk you want to save backups on.
  2. In Backup plans and tasks, click New, and then click Backup plan:
  3. Select the items you want to back up.
  4. Click Location to select the storage for backups. Then expand Local folders and select the CD drive where the target disk is inserted:
  5. Optionally, adjust backup scheme, schedule, or other settings. For detailed description, refer to this article.
  6. Click OK to save the backup plan. Either it starts at the scheduled time or you can run it manually (by clicking Run).
  7. If the resulting backup is too large to fit on a single DVD disk, the task will enter the Need interaction state and ask for a new media when the previous one is full. Remove the disk and insert a new one, then click OK to continue backup: