59292: Acronis Backup: how to back up a mobile device

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A mobile backup is your guarantee that your data on your mobile device is safe and can be recovered in case of corruption or loss. You can also use the backup to transfer your personal data and settings from your old smartphone to a new one.

To back up data on your mobile device:

  1. Start the mobile app.
  2. Click Sign in:

  3. Sign in to your account.
  4. Select the data categories that you want to back up. By default, all data is selected.
  5. To unselect a category, click the gear icon, and then turn the toggle to the off position:

  6. Once data is selected, tap Back up:

  7. [Only on iOS devices] Allow the app access to your personal data.

When the backup is complete, your data is uploaded to the cloud storage. If you want data changes (for example, new photographs) to be backed up automatically, make sure the Continuous backup setting is turned on. You can turn off continuous backup or change it to Only when charging in the app settings. If this setting is turned off, the new data is backed up only when you tap Back up. You can turn Continuous backup on and off in Settings.

What you need to know

  • You can back up the data only to the cloud storage.
  • If an SD card is present, the data stored on this card is also backed up.
  • Any time you open the app, you see the summary of data changes and can start a backup manually: