59196: Acronis True Image 2017: Downloading and installing Acronis Universal Restore Media Builder

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Last update: 16-11-2016

Acronis Universal Restore is a tool to help you migrating/restoring your Windows system to a new hardware. See https://kb.acronis.com/content/2149 for a general description of the tool and its use.

This article describes how to install Acronis Universal Restore Media Builder.

  1. Install Acronis True Image 2017 as described here.
  2. Launch Acronis True Image 2017 and click the Tools icon on the left side-bar:
  3. Click Acronis Universal Restore:
  4. If the Acronis Universal Restore Media Builder is not installed yet, you will see the following screen with an option to download the Universal Restore tool. Click Download:

    If the Acronis Universal Restore Media Builder is already installed on your computer, you will see the first screen of the Media Builder itself instead, as shown here. In such case you can skip this KB article about the installation and proceed with actually using the Universal Restore.
  5. After you click the Download button, your default web browser opens and a Download file dialog window appears. Click Save:
  6. Depending on your browser's configuration the dialog window may be skipped and the download may start automatically:
  7. Wait for the download to finish, security check to complete and click Run:
  8. The setup wizard opens. Click Next:
  9. Select I accept this agreement to confirm your agreement with the license terms:
  10. Click Next:
  11. Click Next to install Universal Restore in the default location or click Browse to change the destination:
  12. Click Next to install the tool for all the users on the computer or choose to install it for the current user only:
  13. Click Proceed to begin the installation:
  14. Click Yes if asked for the confirmation:
  15. The setup wizard will start copying files of the Acronis Universal Restore Media Builder:
  16. Once the installation is finished, click Close:

More information

When Acronis Universal Restore Media Builder is installed and you click on "Acronis Universal Restore" option on the Tools tab, the media builder opens straight away:

You can start working with Acronis Universal Restore. See the instructions on migrating/recovering your system to disimilar hardware here.