59145: Acronis Backup for VMware 9: ESX(i) Configuration Backup Fails with "Failed to connect to ESXi server using SSH"

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Last update: 24-02-2021


  1. You have installed Update 2 for ESX(i) 6, Update 3b for ESX(i) 5.5, or patch 3872664 for ESX(i) 5.1.
  2. You start a backup of ESX(i) host configuration.
  3. Backup hangs at 5%.
  4. You reboot Acronis Virtual Appliance.
  5. After reboot, every backup of ESX(i) host configuration fails with:
    Error code: 9
    Module: 458
    LineInfo: 268dac6975739eb0
    Message: Failed to connect to ESXi server 'name' using SSH.


Contact Acronis Support to obtain build 10593.