59033: [Fixed] Acronis Backup: application backup fails with "The device is not ready"

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Application backup fails with:

Command 'Backing up' has failed.
Additional info:------------------------
Error code: 61
Module: 309
LineInfo: 0x4A8728DC8A1C9519
Fields: {"$module":"service_process_vsa64_3539"}
Message: Command 'Backing up' has failed.
Error code: 508
Module: 349
LineInfo: 0x5E3FE5D7533AF00C
Fields: {"$module":"arx_agent_fork_vsa64_3539"}
Message: Failed to create an Express Backup snapshot.
Error code: 12
Module: 513
LineInfo: 0x9659BF43886BB95E
Fields: {"$module":"arx_agent_fork_vsa64_3539"}
Error code: 65520
Module: 0
LineInfo: 0x9659BF43886BB95E
Fields: {"$module":"arx_agent_fork_vsa64_3539","code":"2147942421"}
Message: The device is not ready


Issue in the product.


Update the file tracker component:

  1. Download the installation file and unpack it.
  2. Run the installation file.

The issue is fixed in Acronis Backup Cloud 7.0.

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