58967: How to reset password for your Acronis account

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Last update: 10-05-2022

You want to log in to your Acronis account at https://account.acronis.com, but you have forgotten your password. This article explains how to reset the forgotten password and specify a new password for your account.

Do the following:

  1. Open https://account.acronis.com
  2. Click Forgot password:
  3. Specify your account e-mail, and then click Submit:
  4. Check your mailbox.
  5. In password retrieval e-mail, click Reset password:
  6. Provide a new password, and then click Save:
  7. Once your new password is saved, click Log in:
  8. Provide your credentials:

Now you have access to your account.

If you didn't receive reset email or have other difficulties resetting password please contact Acronis Support.