58848: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: creating and applying retention policies

Last update: 28-12-2016

While the local retention policy can be set in the backup task properties in the DiskSafe/AMS, we recommend configuring it globally in the Recovery Console.

Creating and managing retention policy

To create a retention policy, click Admin, and then click Retention Policies; or follow this link: https://dr.acronis.com/retention

Prerequisites for setting retention on local servers for the Falconstor DiskSafe are:

  1. DiskSafe version 3.8 and higher.
  2. The Storage server will manage snapshot retention option must be set in the DiskSafe's Advanced Group Options (right-click a group -> Properties -> Mode -> Advanced)

There are no specific prerequisites for the Acronis Backup Advanced transport.

Applying retention policy

There are two ways of applying the retention policy, per-server or bulk update:

  • per-server
    To apply the retention policy for a specific server, open the server in the Acronis Disaster Recovery Service console and click Retention under the Snapshots section. Then select the Enable retention policy check box and select the necessary policy.
    For remote servers protected by the FalconStor transport there is one more option to select: Retention Policy Type. In case you are not using LTS (Long Term Storage), select the first option: DR Storage only. In case you are using LTS, you can learn more about the LTS retention in the following article: https://kb.acronis.com/node/58481
  • bulk update
    To update multiple servers with the retention policy, click Admin, and then Server Bulk Update; or follow the link: https://dr.acronis.com/servers/bulk_update
    Select the servers that you would like to update. Next to Modify, select Retention Policy, select the retention policy, and then click Update.

For in-depth overview of the retention policy, check this article: https://kb.acronis.com/content/58486