58839: How to Purchase via a PO for Acronis Access Products Through the Channel

Step 1

Confirm that all products, pricing, and quantities are correct on the quote you received.
If there is an error on the quote, please contact your Acronis Sales Representative or email accessrenewals@acronis.com or your preferred Partner contact.

Step 2

Create a Purchase Order with the following information:

  • Remittance Information:
    • For customers purchasing in the USA, Central America, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East or Africa use the following remittance information:
      Company name: Acronis International GmbH
      Address: Rheinweg 9, 8200 Schaffhausen, Switzerland
    • For customers purchasing in the Asia, Australia or New Zealand use the following remittance information:
      Company name: Acronis Asia Pte. Ltd.
      Address: 8 Temasek Boulevard, #3001/02 Suntec Tower 3, Singapore 038988
  • Required Information on Purchase order:
    We require the following information on a Purchase Order before we can process the order (found on your quote):
    • Order Date
    • Company Information
    • Bill To and Ship To Address
    • Net Terms
    • Description
    • Part #
    • Quantity
    • Extended Price

Step 3

Submit Purchase Order for Processing:

  • Via Email:
    ordersch@acronis.com or send to your specific Acronis Renewal Representative or to your preferred Partner contact person
  • Via Fax
  • Via Mail:
    Acronis Inc.
    1 Van de Graaff Drive 
    Suite 301
    Burlington, MA 01803

For more information about Renewals in general, please refer to our Renewals Webpage.