58827: Acronis True Image 2017: Cloning Fails with "A specified authentication package is unknown"

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Last update: 18-01-2018


  1. In Windows, you start Acronis True Image and select Clone Disk.
  2. Cloning fails with this error:
    Failed to run the task.
    Failed to execute the task script. 0x10002 Error #1364.
    A specified authentication package is unknown 0xFFF0.
    Error 0x00640067+0x0009FFFF


Issue in the product.


Acronis True Image Premium Subscription:
The issue has been fixed in build 6106 (Acronis True Image New Generation). Please update to the latest build.

Acronis True Image 1-Time Purchase License and Standard Subscription:
The issue has been fixed in build 8029. Please update to the latest build.


To fix the issue without updating, use these workarounds:

  1. In some cases Acronis Scheduler Helper, schedhlp.exe, is removed from the list of background services that are started automatically with Windows. If this happens, cloning tasks fail to start in Windows.
    In order to return schedhlp.exe back to the list of startup programs and resolve the issue, please download, unpack and run the following registry patch:

    If you have 64-bit Windows: kb58827 64-bit.zip
    If you have 32-bit Windows: kb58827 32-bit.zip
    Restart your computer and see if you are now able to initiate disk cloning using Acronis True Image 2017, running in Windows.

  2. If you have Windows 10 Insider Preview, make sure it is the latest build, available from Microsoft.
  3. If the solution with patching the registry did not help, use a workaround:
    1. Create Acronis bootable media.
    2. Boot your computer with this media.
    3. Navigate to Tools&Utilities, and the click Clone Disk.
    4. Follow on-screen instructions. For additional information see this topic.