5877: Acronis Backup & Recovery: Impossible to Back Up Both Local and Network Folders in One Task

Last update: 13-07-2017

Create two separate tasks if you are planning to back up local and network folders

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  1. You create one task to back up both local and network folders:

    On the Data to Back Up screen you select a local folder:

    Then you select a network folder:

  2. The operation fails with the following error message:

  3. The operation log will have an error similar to the following one:

    Task 'Simple backup task' failed: 'File I/O error.|Additional info: |--------------------|Error code: 7|Module: 4|LineInfo: f35f747b3b21faa9|Fields: function : WNetGetUniversalNameW, filename : C:, $module : C:\Program Files\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\mms.exe|Message: File I/O error.|--------------------|Error code: 65520|Module: 0|LineInfo: bd28fdbd64edb8b9|Fields: code : 2147944650|Message: This network connection does not exist|--------------------'." code="11,863,304(0xB50508)" module="181" Owner="Acronis Agent User"

  4. An attempt to edit the backup task will fail with Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 asking for credentials:

    The product will not accept any credentials.


This is a limitation of the product. One task cannot have different access credentials.


As a workaround, create separate tasks to back up data from different sources.

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