58688: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7: Stopping Acronis Storage Node Service

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    Last update: 04-09-2019

    While troubleshooting an issue with managed vaults you might need to stop Acronis Storage Node. Normally you can stop Acronis Storage Node service using Windows Services Console (services.msc), however, sometimes you might need to end Acronis Storage Node processes using Windows Task Manager (when, for example, ASN is irresponsive and its service cannot be stopped, or you experience "Locations are not initialized yet" issue).

    You need to end StorageServer.exe and all its child service_process.exe processes:

    1. Start Task Manager.
    2. Locate StorageServer.exe
    3. Note its User Name.
    4. End StorageServer.exe process.
    5. Locate all 64-bit service_process.exe processes run by the user noted in step 3 and end these processes.
    6. Start Acronis Storage Node.