58683: Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7: Accessing Managed Vault Fails with "Locations are not initialized yet" or "The vaults are not initialized yet"

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An attempt to access a managed vault fails with:
Locations are not initialized yet.

You try to restart Acronis Storage Node. After restarting ASN an attempt to access its managed vaults fails with:
The vaults are not initialized yet. Please try again later after the storage node is completely initialized.
Error: 0x2700FF
$module = "storage_server_vsa64_50083"
Tag: 0xB3F2099EAFF248AC


Check whether the vault you are trying access is a deduplicating vault.

A deduplicating vault might take more time to initialize than a non-deduplicating vault.

  1. Start Resource Monitor.
  2. Check whether there is reading activity in *.noid.locality files.

If there is reading activity in the file, wait until the initialization is completed and the vault is accessible.

If there is no reading activity or you are trying to access a non-deduplicating vault, you need to terminate all processes of Acronis Storage Node:

  1. Start Task Manager.
  2. Locate StorageServer.exe
  3. Note its User Name.
  4. End StorageServer.exe process.
  5. Locate all 64-bit service_process.exe processes run by the user noted in step 3 and end these processes.
  6. Start Acronis Storage Node.

Once Acronis Storage Node is initialized, the vault(s) should be accessible again.