58514: Collecting HAR Log

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    Last update: 03-01-2023

    HAR (HTTP Archive format) is a log of a web browser's interaction with a site. This information is required for troubleshooting web console issues in Acronis products.

    HAR log should be collected from the machine from which you are trying to connect to web console. Acronis Agent or other Acronis Backup components are not required for HAR log collection.

    Please make sure to refresh the page after the start of HAR collection, so everything shown after refresh is logged to HAR.

    Collecting log in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

    1. Press F12 to open Developer Tools windows, and then click the Network tab:
    2. Press Clear to clean up network log:
    3. Click to select the Preserve Log check box:
    4. Reproduce the issue.
    5. After reproducing the issue, click on Export HAR:

    6. Specify where to save the log and click Save.

    Collecting log in Mozilla Firefox

    1. Open Network monitor by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E or F12 (in Windows) or Command+ Option+Q (on Mac). Or click the Web Developer tab in the menu, and then click Network:
    2. Reproduce the issue.
    3. After reproducing the issue, right-click (in Windows) or Ctrl+click (on Mac) within the network table; a context menu appears. Select Save All As HAR:

    4. Alternatively, you can click HAR button in the top right corner of Web Developer console and select Save All as HAR
    5. Specify where to save the log and click Save.

    Collecting log in Internet Explorer

    1. Press F12 to open Developer Tools, and then click the Network tab:
    2. Click the Enable capturing button (Start capturing in other versions):
    3. Reproduce the issue.
    4. Click Disable capturing (or Stop capturing):
    5. Click Export captured traffic (or Save in other versions). The current HTTP session to an XML file by using the HTTP Archive schema.

    Collecting log in Opera

    1. At the top-left of your browser window, click the Opera menu icon and select Developer → Developer Tools, or simply press the F12 button. The Developer Tools window opens as a docked panel at the side or bottom of Opera:

    2. Click the Network tab.

    3. Enable Preserve log.

    4. You will see a red circle on the top-left side of the Network tab. This means the capture has started. If the circle is black, click the black circle to start the recording activity in your browser:

    5. Reproduce the issue
    6. After reproducing the issue, right-click on any row of the activity pane and select Save all as HAR with Content or click the Export HAR icon to download the HAR file:

    Collecting log in Safari

    1. Confirm that the Develop menu is visible at the top of the window.

      If the "Develop" menu is not visible then go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced > check the box, Show Develop Menu in menu bar 

    2. Navigate to Develop > Show Web Inspector

    3. Open the Network tab and reproduce the issue.

    4. Click the Export icon on the far right of the network tab and save the HAR file.