58474: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: Configuring iDRAC Settings on LCA (Dell PowerEdge R720/Dell PowerEdge R820 or Similar)

Last update: 17-08-2016

iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Card) configuration utility is accessed at boot time and is useful when installing a new PowerEdge server.

iDRAC alerts you when an issue occurs, enables streamlined local and remote server management, and reduces or eliminates the need for administrators to physically visit the server. Additional information is available here.

Modifying iDRAC Settings:

  1. Switch on your Dell PowerEdge R720/Dell PowerEdge R820 system.
  2. Press F2 to enter System Setup Main Menu screen:
  3. Select iDRAC Settings from the System Setup Main Menu (F2 > iDRAC Settings):
  4. Use arrow keys to select Network:
  5. Configure the user defined name and network details: IP, subnet mask, gateway, and DNS addresses:
  6. After you make the changes to the iDRAC configuration, press the Esc key to display the Exit menu.
  7. Select Save Changes and Exit, and then press Enter to retain your changes.
  8. You should be able to ping the iDRAC's IP address and open the iDRAC login window in your browser by this IP: