58450: Acronis Disaster Recovery Service: Taking X-Ray from Snapshot Agent for VSS

X-Ray is a special command in DiskSafe applications that gathers diagnostic information for analysis. You may be asked for X-Ray output by an Acronis Customer Central representative.

It contains standard system information like Windows event logs, msinfo32.exe output, information about drives, FalconStor registry values, details about drivers, VSS details and so on. This information is required for troubleshooting and/or for escalating an issue to the FalconStor support. If you have installed the Snapshot Agent for VSS, you will be asked to provide X-Ray from it as well as from DiskSafe and SAN Disk Manager.

To collect X-Ray from Snapshot Agent for VSS please proceed the instruction below.

  1. Open "Configuration for Snapshot Agent for VSS". It is located  in C:\Program Files\FalconStor\IMA\vsscfg.exe
  2. Left-click the upper left corner of the window, and then click Take X-Ray:
  3. Specify a path for the output file:
  4. Wait a few minutes until data is collected, gather the resulting .cab file (this is an archive containing the diagnostic information) and send it with your request to Acronis Customer Central.
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