58349: Acronis Backup 12: Windows Services and Processes

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    Last update: 05-04-2018

    This article lists services and processes for Acronis Backup 12. Windows services and processes for Acronis Backup 12.5 can be found here

    A main service can run under a dedicated account or under an account you specify during installation. Either account is given privileges that are needed for the service to work. The privileges include a set of user rights, membership in security groups, and the Full Control permissions on respective registry keys in the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Acronis. There are no permissions granted on other registry keys.


    Component Service name Purpose Account used by the service User rights  Group membership
    Acronis Agent for Windows

    Acronis Managed Machine Service

    (Main service)

    Backing up and recovering data on the machine Acronis Agent User (new account) or user-specified account
    • Log on as a service
    • Adjust memory quotas for a process
    • Replace a process level token
    • Modify firmware environment values
    • For Windows 2000 only - Act as part of the operating system
    Backup Operators


    Acronis VSS Provider

    (Auxiliary service; created only for Agent for Windows in a Server operating system)

    Using a Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) provider that comes with Acronis Backup Local System - -
    Acronis Management Server

    Acronis Management Server Service

    (Main service)

    Centrally managing backup operations on multiple machines AMS User (new account) or user-specified account Log on as service Acronis Centralized Admins

    Acronis Web Server Service

    (Auxiliary service)

    Runs backup console Network Service - -

    License Service

    Managing licenses Network Service - -

    Common Services

    The following services can be used by many components of Acronis Backup and by other Acronis products. These services always run under a system account. No additional privileges are given to the account.

    Component/Function Service Name Purpose Account used by the service
    Remote access and scheduling Acronis Remote Agent Service Providing connectivity between Acronis components

    Local System (Vista/2008/7)

    or NetworkService (2000/XP/2003)

    Acronis Scheduler2 Service Providing scheduling for tasks performed by Acronis components Local System


    Process name Component Functionality
    service_process.exe Acronis Agent, Management Server Backup, replication, restore operations, cataloging and validation in personal and unmanaged vaults 
    mms.exe Acronis Agent Manages backup tasks on local machine
    schedul2.exe Acronis Agent Executes scheduled tasks on certain events
    schedhlp.exe Acronis Agent Notifies Scheduler2 about logon and logoff events
    agent.exe Acronis Agent Provides a possibility to connect remotely to Acronis components
    ManagementServer.exe Management Server Centralized management of Acronis Agents
    mediabuilder.exe Bootable Media Builder Builds Acronis Bootable Rescue Media
    TibMounterMonitor.exe Acronis TIB Monitor Allows to mount and explore .tib files
    acroinst.exe Installer Remote installation
    msi_setup.exe Installer Remote installation
    systeminfo.exe System Report Collects Acronis System Report
    acronis_license_server.exe Acronis License Server Manages licenses
    ams_web_service.exe Backup console Runs backup console
    MmsMonitor.exe Tray monitor Shows tray notifications about Acronis tasks and program status