58204: Acronis Monitoring Service: Troubleshooting Registration and Connection Issues

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    1. Open Acronis Monitoring Service logs:

    • In Windows: C:\ProgramData\Acronis Monitoring
    • In Linux: /opt/acronis/log

    2. Check the latest messages in the log.

    2.1. If you detect an authentication error, like
    Request POST to https://monitoring.acronis.com/api/1/agent/authenticate failed (ServerAuthenticationError: AuthenticationRequiredError("Host requires authentication"): 401("Unauthorized")) with QVariant(QVariantMap, QMap(("error", QVariant(QString, "StatusUnauthorized") ) )  )

    you have provided incorrect credentials. Try to log in with these credentials into Management Console. Click "Forgot password?" to retrieve your password.

    To provide correct credentials for a Windows agent, start Acronis Agent Manager and specify correct credentials.

    To register a Linux agent, open Terminal and issue these commands:
    /opt/acronis/bin/agent-config –t
    /opt/acronis/bin/agent-config -s -un=<login> -up=<password>
    /opt/acronis/bin/agent-config -c
    where <login> and <password> are your Acronis Monitoring Service credentials.

    2.2. If you detect a connection or timeout error, like:
    Request POST to https://monitoring.acronis.com/api/1/agent/authenticate failed (HostNotFound: HostNotFoundError("Host monitoring.acronis.com not found")) with QVariant(, )
    Request POST to https://monitoring.acronis.com/api/1/agent/authenticate failed (Timeout) with QVariant(, )

    check your network, firewall and antivirus software.

    Acronis private agents use any open port in your operating system. By default, the agent connects to acronis.com through the 443 port and uses only TCP. Make sure the traffic is not blocked in your environment.

    3. Collect the following information and contact Acronis Customer Central, if you need assistance:

    1. Log files.
    2. Network tracing log capturing connection/registration failure.
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