58178: Acronis Monitoring Service: Setting Up Monitors

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This article describes how to set up monitoring in your environment.

Step 1 - installing agents

First decide whether you need to install Acronis Monitoring Service agents (private agents) on your machine:

You need to install a private agent, if you want to monitor:

  • Server hardware and software, such as CPU, disk usage, services, etc.
  • Log files (e.g. Windows event logs)
  • Active directory performance
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Network channel quality, SNMP devices, printers, etc.

You do not need to install a private agent, if you want to monitor:

  • Website metrics (availability, response time, etc.)
  • E-mail service (SMTP, IMAP or POP-3 server availability and performance)

Follow these instructions to install agents in Windows or in Linux.

Step 2 - adding components

Once the agents are installed, you can create Components. A Component represents a group of monitors or a specific device or application.

  1. Choose the Infrastructure tab on the main menu and select Add Component:
  2. Choose what you want to monitor and click Next:
  3. Select the server or specify URL, domain name or public IP of the target website you want to monitor, and then click Next:
  4. Change the name of the monitor, if you like. Click Finish.

Step 3 - enabling monitors

Once a new component is created, you can enable monitors for this component:

For the full list of available options see the user guide.