58160: Acronis Monitoring Service: Licensing

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Licensing and pricing

Pricing is based on a number of Monitors. Monitor represents a single infrastructure resource (not a device or host) that needs to be measured or checked (e.g. CPU usage, website HTTP latency, log file, MySQL database, etc.)

Licensing scheme

Acronis Monitoring service has a subscription licensing schema. There are two types of subscriptions: monthly subscription and annual subscription.

Annual subscription means your license is limited for 1 year. You can renew your subscription and continue using the product.

Monthly subscription means your license is limed for 1 month. You can renew your subscription or you can upgrade to the annual subscription.

After your Acronis Monitoring Service subscription expires you would be able to use product during five days after expiration date with full functionality. After that all monitors will be blocked and will not gather any metrics until further subscription renewal.