58154: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Manual Installation on Mac

By default, Acronis Agent is installed and registered in the account specified during installation. When you need to install agents without registration and register them manually later:

  1. Download the installation package (.dmg-file) from Cyber Protection console.
  2. Open Terminal and create temporary DMG mount directory: 
    mkdir dmg_root
  3. Mount DMG image:
    hdiutil attach Backup_Agent_for_MAC_x64.dmg -mountpoint dmg_root
    where Backup_Agent_for_Mac_OSX64.dmg is the installation package; specify path to the package in case it is located outside of the directory you are working in
  4. Run installer:
    sudo installer -pkg dmg_root/BackupClientMacOSX64.pkg -target LocalSystem
  5. Detach DMG:
    hdiutil detach dmg_root/

Later, you can register agents manually as described in this article.