58130: Acronis Backup 12.5 and 12: Enabling SSL-Secured Connection to Backup Console

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Acronis Backup 12.5

Starting with Update 2 (build 8610), both the HTTP and the HTTPS protocols are supported on the same TCP port, which can be configured during the management server installation. The default port is 9877.

You can configure the management server to prohibit accessing the backup console via HTTP and to use a third-party SSL certificate.

Acronis Backup 12

By default, Acronis Backup (on-premise deployment) uses HTTP connection to the Backup console. Do the following to enable SSL-secured connection (HTTPS):

  1. Open %ProgramData%\Acronis\WebServer\config.xml (Windows) or /var/lib/Acronis/WebServer/config.xml (Linux).
  2. In the ssl tag, change the value of the enabled attribute to "1":
  3. You can also specify path to your own SSL certificate in the cert_path attribute.
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