58112: Acronis Cyber Protect: Migrating Machines to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure

Last update: 01-11-2022

Recovery process for Windows Azure and Amazon EC2 virtual machines described in the user guide applies only when recovering a virtual machine from a backup created of an Azure VM, a local Hyper-V machine, or the source machine being a Windows Server 2016 and up (it contains all necessary drivers to run in Azure natively). For cross-platform recovery follow the steps below.

Do the following to migrate a physical or a virtual machine into Amazon EC2 instance or Microsoft Azure machine:

1. Ensure your machine meets prerequisites for Amazon EC2 import or check whether the operating system of your machine is supported in Microsoft Azure (see Windows operating systems, Linux endorsed distributions).

2. Using Acronis Cyber Backup, create a backup of the machine you want to migrate.

3. Restore the backup to a new virtual machine as described in the user guide:

  • select VMware ESX(i) or to Hyper-V as hypervisor, if you want to restore to Amazon EC2
  • select Hyper-V if you want to restore to Microsoft Azure via VHD import; select Hyper-V or VMware ESX(i) if you want to restore to Microsoft Azure via Azure Migrate service

4. Export the recovered virtual machine as an OVA file or VHD.

5. Import the machine to Amazon EC2 either by using Amazon Web Service command line interface or by using AWS Management portal. Please refer to this article for details.

Import the machine to Microsoft Azure (see instructions for a Windows machine and for a Linux machine) or use Azure Migrate service. Azure Migrate service also supports migration of VMware ESXi VMs