58006: Acronis software: NVMe drives in RAID mode are not detected by Linux-based bootable media and Acronis startup recovery manager

Last update: 15-07-2022


  1. You have a computer with an NVMe drive(often in M.2 format) in RAID mode set up in BIOS/UEFI.
  2. When booting the computer with Acronis Linux-based bootable media the disk is not detected.


Acronis Linux-based bootable media cannot detect NVMe drives in RAID mode due to a Linux kernel limitation.


Use WinPE-based bootable media. See: How to create a WinPE-based bootable media.

More information

In kernel log, you can find this warning:

user.warn kernel: ahci 0000:00:17.0: Found 2 remapped NVMe devices.
user.warn kernel: ahci 0000:00:17.0: Switch your BIOS from RAID to AHCI mode to use them.

While switching from RAID to AHCI in BIOS/UEFI will solve the initial problem and allow Acronis Linux-based bootable media to detect NVME drives (in AHCI mode), please be aware that switching from RAID to AHCI mode will disable RAID and might cause OS boot failures. You need to prepare your machine for this action, please contact your hardware manufacturer with this inquiry.

(!) Note that this limitation applies only to NVMe drives in RAID mode, NVMe drives in AHCI mode are not affected and should be detected correctly.