57986: Acronis Products May Stop Working after Upgrading the Operating System to a Newer Version

Last update: 21-10-2016


You have installed an Acronis backup product your operating system, for example on a Windows 7. After you have upgraded the operating system to a newer version, for example Windows 8.1, important Acronis services fail to start or volumes for backup could not be detected.


A system upgrade to a newer version performs major changes in the environment, which can cause Acronis Backup Products to stop working because the installation was made in a different environment.


You can perform a repair installation by using the installer of your Acronis product:

  1. Download the installation file from your account at Acronis website.
  2. Double-click to run the installation file.
  3. Select Repair.
  4. Wait until installation completes.

If the product will not work after a repair installation, the complete reinstallation of the product is required. Using Acronis Backup, you can export your backup tasks and import them back. Newly installed Acronis True Image will detect existing backups after reinstallation.