57982: Acronis True Image 2016: Restoring to a Drive with a Single Partition

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Last update: 15-04-2016

This article will guide you through a restoration process of partition-level backup to a new drive which usually has a single partition layout.


  1. You have made a partition-level backup: for backup you have manually selected all partitions of your computer's drive or some of them.
  2. You have a drive you want to restore the backup to. This target drive only has one partition. Usually, new drives have a single partition layout.
  3. You want to restore the full backup or several partitions from the backup to this drive.

Preparing the drive

Partition-level restore is similar to disk-level restore (backing up the whole disk and restoring it as a whole to a new drive), however, in this case each partition you want to restore needs to be mapped to a partition on the target disk. To restore multiple partitions to a drive that has only one, you first need to prepare the target drive:

  1. Shut down your computer, and then insert the new disk.
  2. Connect Acronis bootable media and turn on your computer.
  3. Select Acronis True Image (64-bit) to start the software:
    on a BIOS-based computer

    on an UEFI-based computer
  4. On the menu pane, click Tools; then select Add new disk:
  5. Select your new disk. Please note that everything on the new disk will be deleted.
  6. In the next step, select whether your disk will have MBR or GPT layout. This depends on the layout of the source disk (the one you have backed up). If the source disk was a MBR-disk, select Initialize disk in MBR layout. If it was a GPT-disk, select Initialize disk in GPT layout.
  7. Skip the next step (Partition creation) by clicking Next.
  8. Click Finish.

Now your target drive is not partitioned. Partitions will be created during recovery.

Recovering partitions

  1. On the main screen, elect Recovery:
  2. Select the backup you want to recover. If there are no backups displayed, click Browse; then select the backup:

  3. Select the partition(s) you want to recover. If unsure which partition to choose, select all partitions in the backup to restore the whole backup. Alternatively, you can select the whole disk.
  4. You have to specify the target for each of the selected partition. The wizard offers them one by one. In each step select your new drive. Under Partition location, click New location:
  5. Select your new drive. It is displayed as unallocated space. Select it and click Accept:
  6. Leave other settings as default and click Next:
  7. Repeat recovery target selection (steps 4-6), if you have more than one partition to recover.
  8. After you finish with your selections, click Proceed to start recovery:
  9. Once the recovery is completed, click OK:

Disconnect bootable media and close Acronis True Image window, computer will be restarted.