57946: Acronis True Image: installation fails with "Some Acronis products must be uninstalled first"


  1. You are installing Acronis True Image or Acronis True Image Small Office.
  2. Installation fails with the error:
    Some Acronis products must be uninstalled first


The issue has one of these root causes:

  1. You have an old version of Acronis True Image installed and install a new version that cannot be installed without removing the old one first. For example, you need to uninstall Acronis True Image 2011 or Acronis True Image 2012 before installing Acronis True Image 2019.
  2. You have Acronis Backup installed on the machine. Acronis True Image and Acronis Backup cannot run on one machine.
  3. You have Acronis True Image installed and want to install Acronis True Image Small Office. Or you have Acronis True Image Small Office installed on the machine and want to install Acronis True Image. These products cannot be installed on one machine.


To solve the issue, uninstall the conflicting product(s):

    1. Click View details and check error details. Note the products that need to be uninstalled. For example:
    2. Open installed programs: Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features.
    3. Locate the products noted in step 1.
    4. Select them and click Uninstall:

    Old version cannot be uninstalled

    If the old/incompatible products cannot be uninstalled or you do not see any Acronis products in Programs and Features, use the cleanup utility:

    For assistance, contact Acronis Customer Central.

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