57910: "Backup did not start" alert

Last update: 13-12-2022


You receive one of the following alerts:

Backup did not start

The backup did not start as scheduled. Either it was skipped automatically because the previous backup was still running or there was another unknown issue with the backup scheduler

Why this alert is displayed:
This alert is displayed when our product detects that a backup activity was not started at the scheduled time. For example, if a machine was turned off during scheduled backup time, this alert will be displayed the next time it is connected to the Management Server. This alert can also be displayed in case a backup could not be started on time because a previous backup job was still running.

When the alert is deactivated:

This alert is deactivated the next time this backup activity starts.

How to troubleshoot this alert:

Make sure you are using the latest build of your Acronis Backup product.


  • If the agent machine was available during the backup start time:
    1. Edit the backup task start time.
    2. If the alert appears again, recreate the backup task.
    3. If the newly created backup task also triggers the alert, contact Acronis Support for assistance.
  • If the agent was offline:
    1. Do not turn off machine during backup time.
    2. If machine was not turned off, make sure Acronis Managed Machine Service is running: Start -> Search -> services.msc -> locate Acronis Managed Machine Service. Contact Acronis Support, if you need assistance.