57859: Acronis Backup Advanced: Installation of Agent for Hyper-V Fails with "Error 2203. The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file."

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Installation of the Acronis Agent for Hyper-V fails shortly with an error like:

Action start 14:12:20: InstallInitialize.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: Doing action: CADataDoneRollbackCA
Action ended 14:12:20: InstallInitialize. Return value 1.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: Note: 1: 2205 2: 3: MsiPatchCertificate
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: LUA patching is disabled: missing MsiPatchCertificate table
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: Resolving source.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: Resolving source to launched-from source.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: Setting launched-from source as last-used.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding SourceDir property. Its value is 'C:\Users\USER1\AppData\Local\Temp\53A1F6FF-F089-4F49-B8B6-E9EEE2066B8E\'.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding SOURCEDIR property. Its value is 'C:\Users\USER1\AppData\Local\Temp\53A1F6FF-F089-4F49-B8B6-E9EEE2066B8E\'.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding SourcedirProduct property. Its value is '{A4BE1E16-302E-41C5-829E-1F88FBD4EF26}'.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: SOURCEDIR ==> C:\Users\USER1\AppData\Local\Temp\53A1F6FF-F089-4F49-B8B6-E9EEE2066B8E\
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: SOURCEDIR product ==> {A4BE1E16-302E-41C5-829E-1F88FBD4EF26}
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: SECREPAIR: CryptAcquireContext succeeded
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: Determining source type
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: Source type from package 'AcronisAgentHyperV.msi': 2
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: SECREPAIR: Hash Database: C:\Windows\Installer\SourceHash{A4BE1E16-302E-41C5-829E-1F88FBD4EF26}
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: SECREPAIR: SourceHash database file already exists. Deleting it.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]:Note: 1: 2203 2: C:\Windows\Installer\SourceHash{A4BE1E16-302E-41C5-829E-1F88FBD4EF26} 3: -2147287035
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: SECREPAIR: Error in CreateDatabase for write
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:12:20:730]: SECUREREPAIR: SecureRepair Failed. Error code: 89bF7D244B8
Action start 14:12:20: CADataDoneRollbackCA.
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:14:14:579]: Note: 1: 2262 2: Error 3: -2147287038
MSI (s) (30:C8) [14:14:14:579]: Product: Acronis Backup 11.5 Agent for Hyper-V -- Error 2203. The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file.


You are trying to install the component Acronis Agent for Hyper-V under some user USER1. But previously you have installed Acronis Agent for Windows and Acronis Agent Core under another user. To check which user has been used before you can check older Acronis installation logs in C:\ProgramData\Acronis\InstallationLogs.

During installation the software attempts to repair/renew the hash database of the agent located in C:\Windows\Installer\SourceHash{A4BE1E16-302E-41C5-829E-1F88FBD4EF26}. This operation fails, because the old hash is locked by another user (the one performing the previous installation) and thus cannot be deleted.


There are two ways to solve the issue:

1. Install Acronis Agent for Hyper-V under the same user which has been used for the installation of Acronis Agent for Windows and Acronis Agent Core.

2) Move the hash database C:\Windows\Installer\SourceHash{A4BE1E16-302E-41C5-829E-1F88FBD4EF26} to another folder and reattempt the installation under USER1.

More information

Please contact Acronis Customer Central if the issue still occurs.



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