57509: BackupAgent: Upgrading Microsoft Exchange Server Clients to Acronis Backup Cloud

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There are some steps that need to be performed manually to fully migrate Microsoft Exchange Server backup tasks from BackupAgent to Acronis Backup Cloud


There is no way to automatically transfer the credentials required to back up Exchange data.


Here is what needs to be done:

1. When you perform the usual migration, upgrade of the machine with Exchange will fail with the following error:

'Error: the remote serer returned an error: (400) Bad request. 

at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()

at CloudBackup.Service.Business.BaasConversion.BaasClient.GetExchangeResources(String exchangeId)'

BackupAgent Client will show the same Error in the Logs.

Please note that Acronis Backup Cloud is installed but Exchange backup tasks are not converted to Acronis backup tasks.

To convert the Exchange backup tasks to the Acronis backup tasks, user (backup account) should provide credentials for the Exchange Server.

2. Log in to the Acronis Management Console as backup account, then go to Microsoft Exchange:


3. Click on the Exchange resource and provide the correct credentials for the Exchange Administrator:

Microsoft Exchange Resources will appear:

4. Log in to the Migration Portal, click the Retry link under the Detailed log near the machine with Exchange.

5.  When upgrade runs next time on the BackupClient, backup tasks will be converted to Acronis backup tasks.

More information

See also: BackupAgent: Using Migration Portal to Upgrade to Acronis Backup Cloud


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