57492: Acronis Cyber Files: Setting And Configuring Sync & Share for Mobile Users

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Last update: 05-06-2020

Acronis Cyber Files functionality can roughly be split up into two main categories: Sync & Share and Mobile Access. This article explains how to create a Sync & Share data source, so you could also access and manage it from within Acronis Cyber Files mobile clients (along with web and desktop ones).

If you have installed Acronis Cyber Files Server, Gateway Server and File Repository on the same machine, then a Folder for Sync & Share is automatically created on the Gateway Server. Otherwise it should be created manually. Either way you need check and/or configure the following settings:

1. Open the web-interface, log in as an administrator and open the Mobile Access -> Data Sources -> Folders tab.

2. Click Add New Folder and specify the parameters:

Display Name – enter title which appear as the Folder's name in the app.

Data Location – select Acronis Access Sync & Share.

URL – specify HTTPS-address which is used to access Sync & Share by desktop clients and clients using web-browser.

(!) Note: Make sure to enter the full path to the server with the port number, e.g.: https://mycompany.com:3000.

Sync - there are three options:

a. None (Sync & Share data is not downloaded automatically to the device);
b. 1-way (Sync & Share data is automatically downloaded and updated, updating works only from the File Repository to the device);
c. 2-way (Sync & Share data is automatically downloaded and updated, updating works both ways).

Depending on the Sync setting mobile clients will have different sets of actions available for a Sync & Share data source.

(!) Note: Auto-sync with the mobile clients works differently than that with the desktop ones. It's not real-time and depends on the sync policies. Feel free to refer to the following web-help article for further details.

Enable Show When Browsing Server if you want this Folder to be seen when mobile clients browse the root of the Gateway Server.

Assign This Folder to a User or Group – specify domain users and/or LDAP groups to gain access to Sync & Share via the Acronis Cyber Files mobile client. This filed is initially blank even if the Folder was created automatically during the installation.