57488: BackupAgent: Limitations and Known Issues in Migration to Acronis Backup Cloud

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There are several limitations and known issues in the migration process using the Migration Portal

List of Issues

Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server Clients

Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server backup tasks cannot be migrated. You will receive error similar to the following in the migration log: "Exchange task conversion is not supported."

Solution: Exchange and SQL backup tasks should be created manually, once the migrated machine appears in the Acronis Backup Cloud interface.

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Clients

Migration Portal transfers end user's data in 2 steps – account information and groups structure is transferred by server; backup plans are transferred by client. There is no BA client with transfer logic for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (due to .NET limitations). Therefore, non-attended part of migration process ends at account and groups transfer. After that the migration needs to be finalized manually by deploying Acronis Backup Cloud client software, creating backup plans in Acronis Backup Cloud console, and performing backups.

Solution: see BackupAgent: Upgrading Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Clients to Acronis Backup Cloud.


In BackupAgent, encryption is mandatory and is set up during end user clients installtion. All backup plans use the encryption passphrase to encrypt / decrypt the backup data. Acronis Backup Cloud enables data encryption on backup plan level, meaning end user needs to specify the passphrase when creating the plan, however the setting is optional. 

Solution: During migration of OS / environments, for which updated BA client software is available, transfer of backup plans is performed automatically, including the passphrase – as a result, end user's data is backed up by Acronis Backup Cloud and is encrypted with the passphrase end user initially set during account setup in BA. For new backup plans, however, encryption remains optional and the passphrase has to be set up explicitly in every new backup plan.

Acronis Backup Cloud Agent already installed

In case an Acronis agent is already installed, the upgrade will be interrupted and the machine will be listed in MigrationFailed mode.

Solution: The partner should either uninstall the Acronis agent or mark the computer as Excluded, then retry the upgrade.

Backup Tasks with Inclusion Filters

Backups with certain inclusion filters cannot be migrated.

Solution: such tasks need to be recreated manually.

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