57465: (Fixed) Acronis Backup Cloud / Acronis Backup Service: Backup of SQL Instances Fails with "The end of the file has been reached"

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Backup of SQL instances to cloud fails with:
Failed to back up Microsoft SQL Server.
Code: 5701903 (0x0057010F) = MODULE_MSSQL_BACKUP (87) + 271
LineInfo: 0x7F9E79F979CFC15E
File: enterprise/applications/mssql/managers/gtob/backuper/src/backuper_utils.cpp [176]
$module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_1299
IsReturnCode: 1

Failed to perform the file operation.
Code: 22872082 (0x015D0012) = MODULE_APP_COMMON (349) + ERROR_APPBACKUP_GENERIC_FILE_ERROR (18)
LineInfo: 0xEA3E419C38B701A3
File: enterprise/applications/archiving/archive/src/remoting/binary_serializer.cpp [429]
$module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_1299

The end of the file has been reached.
Code: 262146 (0x00040002) = MODULE_FILEIO (4) + FILE_EOF (2)
LineInfo: 0xD18A9C757EF132F0
File: include/file/file.h [27]
$module: ArsAgentProvider_vsa64_1299


The issue has been fixed in version 4.2 (Agent build 12.0.1588 or later), please update the product to the latest build.



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