57464: Acronis Backup Cloud / Acronis Backup Service: Backup Fails with "Job registry is being stopped at the moment"

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Backup completes with warning:
Error code: 1
Module: 307
LineInfo: ec69ad9eeeb1a0a8
Fields: $module : agent_protection_addon_vsa64_1150
Message: ProtectionAggregation: ItemProtection object update error, some information may be incorrect.
Error code: 4
Module: 249
LineInfo: bb8fdb5a5cd18984
Fields: $module : async_service_vsa64_1150
Message: Async::JobRegistryBasedExecutionService
Error code: 23
Module: 249
LineInfo: 6298a2d9c3a1e7d0
Fields: $module : async_service_vsa64_1150
Message: Job registry is being stopped at the moment.


There is no issue.

The warning only indicates about the fact that backup job was interrupted due to some event such as unexpected shutdown of the computer, stopping of Acronis services etc.

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