57352: Acronis Backup (Advanced) for VMware: LAN-free Backup Does Not Work in vSphere 6 or 5.5 update 3

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Last update: 29-04-2021


  1. You use an Acronis Backup solution in vSphere 6 or 5.5 update 3 environment.
  2. You have Acronis Agent for VMware (Windows) installed on a Windows machine.
  3. This Windows machine is attached to the SAN storage where your virtual machines are stored, but backup is not LAN-free.


Product limitation.


Acronis Backup 12 does not have this limitation and provides full LAN-free capability with Direct SAN Access backup mode for vSphere 6 and 5.5 update 3.

As workaround for earlier versions, use Acronis Virtual Appliance which supports Hot-Add backup mode and can be used to implement LAN-free backup approach (when using Locally Attached Storage as backup destination).

Use this guide to install Acronis Backup Virtual Appliance.

Use this guide to install Acronis Backup Advanced Virtual Appliance.

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